Ayni & Reciprocity


Ayni is a Quechua word that describes an intimate relationship with life. It translates more or less to exchange of energy. That in order for life to maintain balance there is always the sacred relationship of exchange. When you take or partake of something you must also offer and give. With the understanding that with all things there must be a proper exchange in order to be in right relationship with life. For many westerners this translates to money. But Ayni is a way of being. It means offering to a plant before you harvest, it means singing a song to the water before you drink it. Ayni is more of a way of being, a way of thinking, a way of seeing.

Sacred Relationship

Ayni honours life as a sacred relationship. That when you take you give, and when you give be open to receive. With this medicine work we are always reflecting how to stay and live in balance and be in the practice of Ayni. We regularly invest in reforestation projects in replanting Ayahuasca and Chacruna as more and more it is being harvested without a focus on replanting. We also regularly donate to project managers and initiatives taking place in the Shipibo community of Paoyan, including school rebuilding, medicinal gardens, medicines for the local clinic and women’s health. For many Shipibo families their artisania is the only income that feeds their families. 

Community Allies

Alianza Arkana

We are allies and supporters of the NGO Alianza Arkana, a beautiful organization that respects indigenous tradition. A portion of each retreat in Peru goes to Alianza arkana.

You can read more about the amazing work of Alianza Arkana here.