Our Vision

Earth Temple

Birthed from a shared vision deep in the Amazon jungle after months in the process of retreat — what the Shipibo call dieta, the plants showed us the path. With love in our hearts for all Plant Medicine, we feel blessed to create safe and nurturing spaces where to come and sit in the Sacred Circle and take the time to heal, let go, be nourished and reminded of the Light that lives deep inside our Beings. To keep remembering who we are.

In the Spirit of the Prophecy

We work mainly in Turtle Island/Isla Tortuga, the geography of the Eagle and the Condor, and the ‘extinct’ sacred Quetzal of Mexico, all coming together within one hallowed sky.

Our vision is to create and continually reweave a cross-cultural bridge for Wisdom Keepers to share teachings and medicines and ceremonies, where the collective traditions can join in communal prayer.


In a world that is in a state of undeniable imbalance, we must begin the transformation from the inside out with love as the pendulum that guides us forward.

It was a major decision, replete with conflict, to put ourselves out here in the digital world online.

Can you imagine what the early explorers would have thought about a future where humans lived behind screens and might buy an aya experience by clicking a virtual button?

Putting a price tag on something sacred was a challenge. It took a great deal of consultation with Mother Aya herself before we moved forward to share our offerings more widely.

And as this type of work grows in popularity, it has become clear to us how important are spaces like ours, held with pure intentions, integrity, and loving care. We have also appreciated the extraordinary soul connections that have manifested in the process of making ourselves available online.

Another push in this direction was our continually uncovering understanding of the critical importance of post-ceremony car. Our focus on integration post-retreat, with follow-ups and check-ins through email and/or phone as well as group check-ins via Zoom. The sacred work of Ceremony needs help to integrate into the daily ceremony of our lives.

Guided by the Plant Spirits we work with, we co-created create Earth Temple as an offering of love for our planet. When one person does their own personal healing work, it ripples through life in a way we will never fully be able to understand. But you will see the effects of your work in your future encounters, clear as daylight.