Ayahuasca & Foods


Ayahuasca Diet

Once on retreat with us, all food served will be a menu that is in line with what is most easeful on the system and best for ceremonial Ayahuasca work. All food is healthy, mindfully created, as well as gluten-free. Your physical Ayahuasca preparation before retreat is up to you. However we encourage you to begin preparing 2 weeks before hand if possible.

Foods to eliminate prior to retreat

  • Highly processed foods and foods with chemical additives.
  • Sugar, Cheese, Dairy
  • Pork and Red meat
  • Heavily fermented foods
  • The reason for eliminating processed foods, and most importantly fermented foods (This means no soy, or soy milk, no miso, cheese, tempeh, tamari, beer, wine etc.) is because of the high Tyramine content in these foods. This accompanied with the medicine can raise blood pressure and create a hypertensive state. So please, begin cutting these things out.
  • No Pork, No Alcohol, No Drugs at least 10 days before ceremony. The cleaner your system is, the more ease-full it can be for the medicine to work.
  • Also the more you begin to eliminate these things the easier the medicine will be on your body physically.  So be gentle with your pre-ceremony commitments.  There is no written law here.  These are merely suggestions and we have found them most helpful in the long run.