Plant Dieta

La Dieta

Dieta is an ancient shamanic practice that is an incredible tool and healer gifted by the plants and kept alive through the guardians of the medicines. It is a practice used usually in conjunction with ayahuasca, though not isolated to it. As many of the Shipibo peoples do not drink ayahuasca anymore, however they practice Dieta often. When someone is sick, they are automatically put on concoctions of plants and often will follow a regimented food diet as their body heals..

In the Spirit of the Plants

The shamanic form of Dieta is where the curandera or curandero will open your energy body up to receive the master plant. Many of the healers work in ceremony to open a Dieta , however this is not always the case. You will drink the master plant in some form, usually in an alcohol solvent, tea, or solar infusion.

Over the course of Dieta , one connects to the spirit of the plant and welcomes its healing and companionship. The Master plant is benevolent helper and aids in the particulars of physical, emotional and mental healing and wellness.


There are plants for everything you can imagine. Plants for the brain, for emotional healing, for immune and nervous system rebalancing, plants to cure ailments of all sorts.

In many ways Dieta is traditional herbalism, however used alongside ayahuasca, one becomes extremely attuned to the energies of the master plants.

Traditionally Dieta would be practiced in isolation. Many of the maestras and maestros we work with spent a period of 6 months to a year in isolation huts dieting plants, drinking medicine and learning directly through personal experience how to become healers.

This is the traditional form the Shipibo would practice to become healers. There are Dietas for learning and there are Dietas for healing. Most of the time they weave between the both.

The practice of Dieta involves a commitment to practice. Often depending on the type of Dieta one is practicing, one must eliminate all salts, sugars, oils, and spices.

The reason for this is similar to the yogis and Ayurveda practices in India that would keep the nervous system as calm as possible in order to become attuned to subtle energies.

In the case of Dieta, one becomes attuned to the subtle teachings of the master plant they are dieting. Used in conjunction with ayahuasca, one becomes extremely connected to the plant that they Dieta in ceremonies.

Once a person Dietas a plant, for a period of weeks, months, or years, the plant spirit that they have been working with becomes woven into the fabric of their being, serving as a protective compassionate helper. The Shipibo work with the practice of Arkanas.

One of the best ways to explain this is as though it were a woven cloak of songs and healing vibrations. The Shipibo speak of the importance of Arkana, serving as spiritual protection for people that will support them in their life journey. The Dietas are also a form of direct learning and training through the plants and through the practice of Dieta one may receive doctoring tools to help aid in healing, the removal of parasitic energies, illness and disease.

All of these practices have evolved over thousands of years of Amazonian shamanism and direct learning from the spirits of the plants, the earth, and a devotion to peoples healing.

For this container it’s requested you do your best to move into a space of quiet and introspection and follow the food protocols diligently.

It’s encouraged to delete certain apps and be mindful of who you engage with.

You can download high consciousness audio books and play instruments but stay out of things with heavier undertones.

Dieta Protocols

As we are working with the ancient plant ancestors ,we are going back to eat like our ancestors, as we welcome this medicine into our bundle.

  • No chemicals in your food
  • No Dairy
  • No Gluten
  • No sugar
  • No processed foods
  • No chips
  • No alcohol
  • No factory farm Meat
  • No raw oils
  • no sex (however you can find other ways to be intimate with if you are in sacred relationship)
  • No red meat, though you can have wild game if caught in an ethical way
  • A little salt is ok on your meals


No gossip. Not putting others down with your words in Dieta, this includes Hollywood actors, politicians, your mother in law, the person that annoys you at work.

You may of course talk about your process freely, however take responsibility for your own feelings and experiences. This is a potent way of working with energy and asking for responsibility and integrity while we are in the Dieta process.

This may mean having more direct conversations with people if conflict arises. We are working on repatterning certain dynamics here with deeper levels of inquiry when certain dynamics play out. So watch what you engage, relax and also enjoy.


No watching the news, reading about the end of the world, information on vax laws. None of this right now. This is a time to retreat from the world and gain strength in the deeper aspects of the soul.

No scrolling social media mindlessly. You can use social media, but must be done with mindfulness. No tv. No violent movies, or dramas. You can watch documentaries, or talks that are expansive in nature, things that feel supportive. This is all programming your system, and as we are not at a retreat center and you are at home. It is important to break any of these habits.

All of this is important and can affect your Dieta.


Connection to all things

Ayahuasca as well as shamanism are re-emerging across the globe. As many are tired of dogmas and spiritless religious ideologies, we are seeking a personal experience with life. Historically the word shaman was a Mongolian term that was adopted by anthropologists to describe the phenomena of healers that existed in every culture across the globe. The word itself has now blanketed across the globe as many feel called to the ancient roots of humanity and returning to learn from the worlds oldest spiritual traditions. Shamanism is a highly complex medical system that draws on the understanding that we are connected to all things.

Regardless of our Ancestry, if we trace back our lineage long enough we will find in our lineage some aspect of shamanism within the cultures we have evolved and grown from.  As well as the use of plants and healing is a deep part of our human history.

Shamanism is an ancient part of all of us and it is a system that is res urging as many are finding themselves disenfranchised and let down by the allopathic medical model that does not take a look at the different aspects of being, in the contextual framework of illness.

If someone makes choices that are difficult on their spirit. For example, working a job they hate day in and day out and then develop an illness in the body. There is a deep understanding that these choices influence the body, mind and spirit. Shamanism does not distinguish such a difference or separateness and therefore each of these aspects of our being are seen and worked on inside the circle of ceremony.