Ways for us to work together

Plant Attunements

Plant Attunement is a practice that is based on the ancient wise woman herbalism practices of learning to commune with the plant realm and receive its gifts.

This particular practice with me is a marriage between Amazonian shamanic traditions and ancient herbalism.

Rose, Cedar, Oak

Bi-Weekly Online Zoom Sessions

The Cosmic Bloom:

Medicine Council

A 6 month ceremonial container for healing, learning, training with the plants, sacred alchemy, and greater expansion in how the Great mystery wants to move through you specifically.

This is to support people on the healing road who are looking to step into greater leadership, confidence and capacity and really to accelerate past the glass ceilings or limits of what you think is possible for you.

This council will be held with the integrity to support you in becoming that much of a greater conduit of service in your work, your life, and all your relations.

Zoom Council on Wednesdays @ 11am PST

Personalized Master Plant Dieta

28 Day personalized master plant dieta.

The Shipibo are a tribe in the amazon jungle who practice a form of shamanic herbalism where they become deeply intimate with certain plants through the practice of dieta.

Online & In Person

Connect with your plant allies

Private Mentorship

3 & 6 month containers

Deep Diving into Healing

weekly sessions online via zoom

Access to all online group sessions


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