rose: lineage of the wild roses

“Hail Mary, rose without thorns,
you were born to comfort me
help me that I shall not be lost
I greet you, rose garden of heaven
the chosen, the pure, the tender one.
You noble sweet rose blossom,
Entreat God, for me through your goodness”
14th century Rosary prayer

rose | lineage of the wild roses

Online & In Person Plant Attunement

with Athena Naia, Shamanic & Plant Medicine Practitioner

  • 9 Week Online Plant Dieta
    Advanced Practitioner Attunement
    (must have attended previous attunement or already have plant dieta experience)
  • 2 sessions / week
  • i.e Sundays @ 11am PST
  • i.e Tuesdays @ 11am PST

    Some of the topics we will cover in this time

    1. The story of Christ and Mary, Who was the real Mary Magdeline?

    2. The mythic meaning & symbology of the cross, death, resurrection & ascension.

    3 Somatic wisdom & Healing the physical body, the Activation of the inner healer, covering many of Jesus and Mary many miracles – Special Guest teacher Healer

    4. Shamanic Tools for wellness & Wholeness. How to clear energy, invoke healing using the authority of Christ light

    5. Gnostic Teachings of the Divine Feminine & Masculine and the rose. Sacred sexuality and the Tantric Way– Special guest speaker, Tantric and Pranic Healer

    6. Seeing with the eyes of the spiritual heart. Biblical & Gnostic pointing towards the technology of working with the inner chambers of the heart, also called the The bridal chamber.

    7. Radical Love as a path to Awakening

    When I first received the guidance to share the Lineage of the Rose, I felt the presence of both Jesus and Mary flood the room and I was quite taken aback.

    I have had deep relationship with Jesus since I was 12 years old. I was baptized in the turquoise pacific ocean by a christian hippie pastor who in his words met God in the grand canyon. Until I was around 19 years old, the path of Christ was my full devotion and I would say consumed everything. You can ask my mom ! Lol.

    I eventually for many reasons, like many left the church And like most people had to recover and heal from its distortions, oppression and guilt ridden beliefs.

    I thankfully found my way into the earth’s wisdom teachings, and the wild feminine and divine masculine and a more rounded understanding.

    For the past 15 years I have been on the shamanic path, working with Ayahuasca and the spirits of the earth, and over many years I have worked with a tree called noyarao. A tree that glows in the dark in the amazon. Interestingly two of the oldest tribal shipibo noyarao maestros at some point were christian pastors. There are some stories that even say that through the tree of light christ came to earth.

    Some years ago, through the ancient Amazonian technology of of plant dieta I began to attune to the mysteries of the Rose….It surprisingly brought me full circle back to Jesus. And eventually a deepening with the powerful Mary Magdelene his beloved partner. His partner who was hidden, and lied about and even turned into a prostitute.  Mary Magdeline as an archetype has so many incredible teachings for all of us, as what I have learned with her story, is that even if it takes 2,000 years for the truth to arise, the truth always perseveres.

    Lineage of the rose is a merging of christian mysticism meets plant medicine and Shamanism, and a soul journey, initiation and activation to our holy nature. And after experiencing the great privilege of what it is to hold

    Working with me in this type of ceremonial container is a deep dive of soul, and requires a commitment to your own highest expression. It truly is my joy to support you in what you came here to do, and be.

    Blessings to each of your hearts today, thank you for being here on this planet at this time. Deep bows to the wise within.

    In boundless love


    “Let all that you do be done in love” 1 Corinthians 16:14.

    Devotional Practice

    Some say the rose is the goddesses way of showing her children that she loves them.

    There are thousand year old rose petal offerings at the temples of Isis. The rose throughout our time has been a symbol of love, devotion and consciousness throughout human history and contains within it an entire mystery school.

    There is a story where the Buddha smelt a rose and gave one of his most profound teachings by simply communing with the Rose.

    The Jesus story and hidden aspects of Mary Magdeline and the teachings of divine union are all folded into the petals of this beautiful flower. This practice is an invitation and activation into the ancient lineage of the Rose of radical unconditional love, acceptance and compassion.

    We will be in this devotional practice and commitment for 7 weeks together. For this time, this is an invitation to Radical cosmic Love.

    The lineage of the rose, also what we will refer to as the Christ path, is all about the path of love as spiritual practice.

    This is extra special for those of you who have been wounded or hurt by the church, have experienced abuse in the name of god or the church, or have Judeo-Christian roots in your ancestry. And can serve as a deep ancestral healing for your bloodlines. If you are triggered for one reason or another while we are covering certain things, there is space for dialogue as this is part of the healing process.

    We will be meditating on Gnostic and biblical versus, covering the hidden gospels of Mary, Thomas and Philip. We also will explore Christian mystics, poets, and goddess history.

    What is a Plant Attunement?

    This particular practice is a marriage between Amazonian shamanic traditions of plant dieta and ancient herbal wisdom,.This is a shamanic form of training in energy medicine that is based on a direct relational experience.

    This practice involves removing certain foods and habits to become attuned to the subtle energy field of life, and the teachings of a particular plant teacher to support you and those around you in your life.

    The Shipibo, who are masters in this field of plant dieta, see plants, especially master plants almost like an ascended master.

    This practice invites the spirit of the plant to become a helper and ally in your life.

    In many traditional societies, people would learn from the plants in ways that created deep relationships and connections.

    Humans and Plants have a completely symbiotic relationship. And so this practice welcomes a deep space to move into listening, healing and learning in a sacred relationship with the earth’s wisdom.

    This practice is an invitation firstly to your higher self and higher wisdom. Creating deeper connection with your own inner source and inner guidance system, with the support of a master teacher in plant form. It is different from a plant dieta in terms of its protocols. But a potent beautiful way to welcome a healing ally from the plant nations into your life.

    Shamanic Mentorship

    One of the principles I live by, is that every single one of us have a divine blueprint. We are brainwashed by our world to compare ourselves to each other, but The Lily is different then the cedar tree. And no matter how it tries, the flower cannot become the tree. In this, its not necessarily about adding new things, but seeing what is ones deepest gifts, working with this divine blueprint and fanning this flame within you.

    We will be calling in every week the support of your guides and helpers and the energy of Christ ligth to guide us. When speaking of this mentorship it requires a willingness to open into yourself to new possibilities and be willing to look at habbits that do not serve you. As well as weaving in the details of every day life and what may be needing accountability and support.

    Spiritual Community

    Though we will be covering some scholarly work, this isn’t about filling your head with fun facts or books, but an invitation into our own divine nature. As each of us commit to this, we naturally create a field of energy that will help us accelerate. This is why in Buddhism there a whole books devoted to the holy Sangha. You become like the people around you, and we know through mirror neurons we begin to think like the people who surround us. Don’t underestimate the power of spiritual community committed to transformative growth.

    Prayer Partner

    Each of you will be assigned a prayer partner. (if your open to it) Part of this practice is praying for others, and also receiving the energy of prayer. We will discuss this together when we all gather.


    If you have joined me for a plant attunement, I usually sing Ikaros to you. And I will do this, if I feel the need for a clearing. But there will be focus on us singing together and singing songs that will activate your inner heart. Music and movement on the Bhakti path, or path of love and devotion are interwoven. This is where spirit can meet us.

    ZOOM Calls

    Each meeting will be an estimate of 1.5 to 2 hours. 2X a week.
    The zoom meetings will be a small part of this energetic process but will be an important part of the journey.
    It can be a big commitment for screen time, so you are invited to turn camera off if you need to just rest. You will still be brought in energetically and will experience the activations and work.

    Included in this is :

    • 1 free healing session that is 1.5 to 2 hours (valued at $222usd)
      And additional sessions available at a discount for those who join.
    • Whatsapp community group for sharing and connection.
    • Regular touch ins from me, holding you in your highest and brightest version of yourself!

    Materials you will need:

    • a Bible
    • download of the Gospel of Mary Magdelene and the Gospel of Thomas (all available online)
    • organic rose petals for your rose tea
    • a high quality rose essential oil