Who We Are

Who we are

We are awakening travelers committed to helping the planet. Each of our team members is highly skilled and extensively trained in their particular expertise with the plants and traditional forms of Shipibo shamanism and other medicinal flora. We are dedicated to helping support individual journeys and healings with the help of our masterful facilitators.


Athena has been studying forms of traditional healing and shamanism for over 15 years. Her journey into alternative Healing opened during a major crisis in her life, which led her to work with a traditional Venezuelan healer who recognized her gifts of sight and introduced her to a language that explained life as an empath and seer. Back in Canada she was adopted by a beautiful medicine woman who grounded her into ceremonial teachings, sweat lodges, pipe ceremony and women’s mystery work.

She began a formal apprenticeship with the Shipibo Mahua Lineage in the Amazon of Peru studying a traditional form of healthcare. She has spent months at a time in retreat in the practice of dieta fasting from foods and water for periods of time and learning directly from the spirits of the plants. She travels extensively bringing medicine, ceremonies, retreats, plant dietas, and Integration work alongside her healing practice.

Athena has been recognized by the Grandmother Shipibo Maestras for her work with the gift of the Cup to serve medicine after only seven years of apprenticeship. Her primary aya teachers are Maestra Amelia Ronen, and Maestra Manuela Mahua with whom she has invested many years of learning from Elders, Wisdom Keepers, and Guardians of the traditions in North and South America. She has been blessed to sit with and share friendship with traditional grandmothers and grandfathers, who have helped keep her humble and in reverence for all life.

She is a mother, an artist, a Doula, and herbalist and tries not to take herself too seriously. She holds all who sit with her in circle in the love and the Great Mother’s heart. She currently lives in the mountains of British Columbia.



Jeremy is a lover of sound with a BA in music from Carleton University, and 20 years of exploring the healing power of sound from training with Tibetan monks in the art of throat singing to studying and teaching the science and technology of sound and teaching.

Since 2010, Jeremy has been working with the plant medicine Aya, and studying the ancient form of sound healing: healing with Ikaros. Working with healers in the art of Traditional Shipibo Medicine rooted in the Amazon Jungle, when Jeremy first heard his first Ikaro, he was dedicated fully to learning this ancient art of healing through song. Jeremy offers ceremony, Lunar Vocal Sessions, Kirtan Circles, and private healing sessions. His work weaves a colorful tapestry of powerful vibrations and frequencies.

A trained multi-instrumentalist, Jeremy’s cast includes crystal singing bowls, Tibetan metal bowls, vocal over-toning, gongs, drums, flutes, guitar, other strings, and piano. He currently lives in the beautiful mountains of British Columbia with his family.



A traditional Mexika healer, Aztekoyotl began dancing in utero and has been integrated into the path of spirit ever since. Of P’urhépecha and Hñähñu decent, Aztekoyotl was born in the  Tenochtitlan, the ancient Aztek city, where he developed his love for sacred symbolism, Mexika culture, and Aztek dance.

Aztekoyotl’s love of the Great Spirit has taken him to four continents where he has represented his culture for unity and prayer via Mexika and Sun Dance. He has represented his culture on panels with other Indigenous Global leaders where he speaks to the common thread of humanity throughout our nations.

In addition to his traditional upbringing, Aztekoyotl simultaneously followed a traditional academic career. He holds Masters degrees in Engineering and Education, and a Ph.D. in Education. His dissertation focused on the Pre-Hispanic era and how important the roles of community are in the formation of a healthy society. He loves sharing the connection between science, the Great Mystery, and our ancestors’ teachings from beyond.

A Sundancer, Pipe Carrier, and Lodge Keeper, when he’s not dancing, Aztekoyotl lives in Teotihuacán, Mexico with his young family, where they walk a shared path full of love and joy. Upon meeting Aztekoyotl you will be struck by his contagious smile and his welcoming presence.


The name Zoë in ancient Greek means “Life. When you meet her, you will feel her love and gratitude for life through her laughter and presence and find her well-named.

A graduate of the Rhodes Wellness College and Ryerson University, Zoë carries with her a passion for developing children and youth to their highest purpose.  She strives to live a life of conscious communication, compassion, and creativity. 

Zoë is deeply involved with indigenous communities in Turtle Island in North and South America. She is a writer, entrepreneur, and a fabulous cook. 

Jason Standish

Jason in an energy healer and shamanic herbalist whose work is akin to the Amazonian vegetalista tradition of physical diagnostics and plant protocols. Following the practice of herbal preparations and remedies for many years, Jason’s deep relationship with the plant nations began at a very young age.

He has been working with the medicine ayahuasca since 2010. Growing, tending, and preparing ayahuasca on the Hawaii Islands has been a huge part of his apprenticeship in the ceremonial space. Among his specialties is creating client-specific medicines to treat emotional, physical, and spiritual ailments. He is passionate about helping people come into deeper living relationship with the Earth using their own ‘inner healer’ from a place of self-empowerment.

Jason loves to create spaces where people feel connected to themselves and the gift of everyday life. Jason is happiest when he is gathering, foraging, or brewing a pot of medicine over a stove or fire. He currently lives between Nova Scotia, Canada and the Big Island in Hawaii.


Jaya will change your life through her work as an advanced BodyTalk Practitioner, Parama BodyTalk Practitioner, Certified yoga teacher, Mindfulness Life Coach, Cranial Sacral, and Reiki practitioner.

Jaya has facilitated thousands of energy therapy sessions that have helped people’s bodies, minds, and spirits to heal.

She works with clients who want to integrate unhelpful mental/emotional patterns and their influences on overall health and conditioning that affects well-being and the ability to live consciously.

Jaya is an author who loves to run, bike, swim, do yoga, meditate, dance, make amazingly tasty and healthy food, and play with her beautiful son and friends.



Graham has worked in community building in the world of arts and entrepreneurship for the last 15 years. He is a guide for groups in meditation, song/prayer, creative workshops and teachings on building a business and finding your voice. As a student of Athena’s, Graham offers his creative and spiritual tool kit to support the plant medicine work


A speaker for the stars — Emma is a professional astrologer and intuitive channel deeply attuned to the intricate symbolism of this multi-dimensional life.

For over 11 years, she has illuminated soul paths and aligned people with their cosmic callings through astrology readings, and workshops.

Emma’s initiation began by an indigenous medicine woman in Blackfoot country recognizing her latent talent as an astrologer and healer. Under the guidance of this early mentor, Emma was deeply immersed in the teachings of the northern medicine wheel, lunar magic, Tarot, Kabbalah, and planetary alchemy. This profound exploration included regular participation in sweat lodges, extended water fasting, drumming, singing, prayer, and purification rituals with nature following the lunar cycles.

Emma holds a profound bond with the star nations, that has lead her a deep devotion to the plant spirits that awaken access to their high-vibrational medicine and awareness.

Her diverse background includes high-intensity roles in healthcare and film production, blending compassionate service with organizational prowess. At Earth Temple, she contributes as a “medicine manager”, playful retreat cook, and eternal student to life.

Nestled in a crystal unicorn barn loft above horses on Bowen Island, BC, Emma lives at a medicine retreat centre, where she collaborates with Athena and Jason in organizing and facilitating transformative retreat experiences.


Richard is an International Coaching Federation (ICF)-trained coach with a Master’s in Education. He is also a musician, a loving spouse, and father.

Richard is experienced as an ADHD-executive function coach where he fosters profound and lasting changes in his clients’ lives. He combines his experience with plant medicine with his professional coaching practice to help others connect to their highest selves. His approach is trauma-informed, open-hearted, and gentle.

Integration Coaching is Richard’s heart work which he has developed through the course of many traditional, deep dietas (extended, restricted retreats) with Ayahuasca and other Master plants, led him to comprehend and transcend many strands of generational trauma.